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Information and tips for an erotic massage.

An erotic massage is an exciting game of giving positive attention to each others body, between 3 (or more) people. It is a simple and beautiful way to give your relations an erotic impulse in. It is the ideal way to enjoy each other andenjoy sex with each other without the feeling of any obligation. The most important thing is that the massage-partner make time for genuine relaxation. It is not uncommon that partners do have sex after (or during) an erotic massage, but it is never self-evident. Most important is to pay attention to eachother, to treat each other with respect and sensuality and be treated likewise.

Would you like to spoil your partner with an erotic massage?
The following tips may result in a satisfying nice massage for you and your partner.

1. Prepare the massage.
- Comfortable surface and surroundings (a bed, bank, matras of soft carpet
- Soothing music
- Candles or dimmed, not too bright light
- Massageoil
- Towel
- A pillow (for under the head, the lower body or the legs)
- Make sure you've been to the toilet and have had a relaxing and cleaning shower
- Take your time, make sure you do not to have to look at the clock
- And don't forget to turn off your phone...

Additional tips for the preparation:
- Warm oil feels the best, you can warm the massage-oil 'aubain-marie' (in a bottle in warm water) or in the microwave. If you have a warming plate, you can use that too to warm up the oil and it's easy to keep the oil on a nice temperature.
- Warm hands are important too. Cold hands are simply not comfortable on a warm skin. So, make sure your hands are feeling warm. It is easy to warm your hands by keeping them under warm water or - if you got the time - take a nice warm bath together.
- If you are familiar with the erotic preferences of your massage-partner, think of usefull and a exciting toys like a vibrator or other tickling stimuli...
- Ask or discuss eachothers fantasies, because there may be fantasies you re not yet aware off yet.
- Massage-oil leaves stains, use a towel to prevent stains if you can't easily clean the surface your partner is being massaged upon.

2. Provide a relaxed, romantic, warm atmosphere.
Make sure that the room where the massage takes place is well by temperature, not to chilly, not to hot. Make sure everything you need is within reach, so you don't need to interrupt the massage for anything. Easily create a romantic atmosphere by playing chill music, candles for warm illumination or scented candles for a nice smell.

3. Make yourself and the massaged comfortable
Don't start with the erotic parts yet, get your partner in the right mood by starting massaging the backside, shoulders, the back, the legs and the buttocks.
Have your partner lie on the stomach and make her or him choose her own way that is most comfortable, with the head on the arms or on a pillow. A pillow under the hips is also recommended, because then the buttocks are lifted a little so the sex parts and ass is easier to massage.

4. Then the massage itself ...
No person is alike, if you are familiar with the massage-partner, you will be familiar with his or hers erotic triggerpoints. Even if you know some, you'll find out massaging that many more spots will be found where he or she enjoys being touched and massaged. Good massage is an art of touching. Massaging is provide relaxation, erotic massaging also focusses on teasing and arousing by touching and massaging the erogenous zones.
Even if you know that your partner enjoys being toched at the sexparts, work you way there slowly, don't go for the sex too fast. Take your time and let your partner desire for what you have in mind and what is coming.

Erogenous zones and body parts that you certainly should not forget when massaging:

- Back and shoulders:
Generally it feels most pleasant when the back and shoulders are massaged in the direction from the buttocks to the shoulders. Exchange long solid movements with your hands flat across the back with turning circles, massage the back and shoulders firmly and make the touch softer and ticklish, caress the back with your fingertips from top to the bottom.

- Buttocks:
Buttocks are nice to massage and to be massaged. Massage them gently, but don't be afraid to masssage buttocks a bit firmer.
Keep in mind that between the buttocks it may be very sensitive, not everyone enjoys being touched there. Is it a first time you will be massaging your partners buttocks, be carefull and gentle. Especially around the anus it is very sensitive.
Always use a lot of oil for maximal comfort while massaging around and (gentle) in the anus.

- Chest and nipples:
Nipples are very sensitive, not only with women, but with men too. It is that sensitiveness that makes massageing the chest and nipples so good to enjoy.
You can try to sit on top of him or her when massageing your partners chest. Play with the nipples but do that softly, knibble on them or tease them a bit fermer when your partner let you know he or she enjoys that.

- Belly & belly-button:
A belly is very sensitive too, because it is very close to his genitals. Slowly slide your hand down toward the belly-button. Once there, make circular movements around the belly button. Make the circles getting bigger so that you get closer to the pubic area and make the circular motion then smaller again. Enjoy teasing your partner.

- Innerside of the legs:
Because the inside of the legs as well as the belly are close to the pubic region, this place is also very sensitive. Gently stroke from top to bottom, touch his or her genitals every now and then accidentally lightly, but not to often. The lower legs are perhaps the most underrated part of the body during an erotic massage, but they also feel gret to be massaged, less erotic maybe, but very relaxing. Massage the legs including the feet, do that firmly, otherwise it may feel ticklish. Massage with your fingers well between the toes and under the feet, massage the feet with two hands simultaneously.

- The sexparts:
Whole libraries have been filled about how to massage a penis or a vulva, many different techniques have been invented and written about. about here. Start by following your own imagination and do what you think or know he or she likes. Follow your feelings about what you consider yourself nice to do.
Do not forget to use the toys you have ready.
For inspiration you can watch the movies & tubes., or click the following links for instructive books or films & dvd's about erotic massages.

Have fun enoying eachother!

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